Top 10 Bloodiest Battles In History

While it is true that battles win wars, overthrow political regimes and redraw the borders of nations, they also demand a lot of sacrifice and take human lives. Following is a top 10 of the bloodiest battles fought in history that have consistently reshaped the fate of nations.

Top 10 August Events

August is an eventful month of the year. There are specific events which occurred which deserve mention. Here they are, raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2.

Top 10 July 1st Events

July 1st was a momentous day in history. Major battles were fought, decisions were made and independent countries were formed. Here are just 10 events that were major and noteworthy.

Top 10 Severe Droughts throughout History

Droughts are caused by a lack of rain for a prolonged period of time. There is not enough moisture for the ground to absorb before the water evaporates. Without water, plants, animals and humans die. Throughout history, droughts have been synonymous with disaster, especially in the following 10 cases.

Top 10 March Events

March is a glorious and painstaking month. It is a month many women celebrate internationally (March 8). Here is a list of 10 other events which occur in March.

Top 10 Theoretical Views Of The Holocaust

Two historical schools of thought have emerged regarding the origins of The Final Solution. In 1982, Tim Mason created the intentionalist vs. functionalist debate. The intentionalists argue that it was Hitler's intention from the beginning to annihilate and exterminate the Jews.

Top 10 February Events

February is famous mostly for being the shortest month of the year. Of the 28/29 days of the month, most people remember February 14, Valentine’s Day. There are other events which are as significant. Here are the top 10 events which occurred during the month of February. After reading this article, you will understand how February is a historical month; full of eventful occurrences throughout history.

Top 10 December Events

Historically, December has not been a celebratory month, as we all think. Multiple events occurred in this month, marking significant changes. Here are the 10 December Events which are of great historical significance.