Top 10 Reasons American Dream Is Dead

American Dream is an ethos where the American people are promised prosperity and success. With troubling times it seems that the American dream is dead or dying. People are losing their jobs, homes and cannot pay off their loans as a result.

Top Ten Reasons To Be Envious Of Homer Simpson

If you had a chance to switch places with Homer Simpson, why would you do it? He is a fictional character after all. Let us dream and allow for our imagination to roam while for a while. If I were Homer Simpson I’d be...As such here are the top 10 reasons Top 10 Reasons to be Envious of Homer Simpson.

Top 10 Singers with Only 1 Top Single

There are many singers who never recovered from having 1 top single. Many have also stayed on the down low as they were not generating enough hits. Here are just 10 singers with only 1 top single. Raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2.

Top 10 Unconventional Weapons

Waging a conventional war means using conventional weapons such as guns, tanks, bombs etc. We no longer see conventional weapons used as means to end war or to commit a crime. Unconventional weapons are used to put the final blow to the enemy and to commit crimes of assault, murder etc.

Top Ten Software Companies

Application software enables the computer system to run and examples include Windows, Linux and Mac OS amongst others. Application software on the other hand enables PC users to be able to do their day to day activities on the computer, e.g. surfing, word processing, gaming and desktop publishing.