Top 10 Dangerous Jobs

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America is going through an economic meltdown but no matter how desperate you are, you should not apply for any of the following.


1. Cell Phone Tower Workers

A cell phone tower worker undoubtedly has the most dangerous job in the world. Because cell phone companies try their best to build higher towers, these workers are not considered to be all that lucky as far as jobs are concerned. The worker can lose his balance or get electrocuted.


2. Commercial Fisherman

Fishermen spend a lot of time out on sea where the weather can get extremely rough and the waves, quite violent. It’s not like they work with lifejackets so if they fall into the water, they will definitely not survive.


3. Pilots and Flight Engineers

Flight engineers have long working hours and are exposed to harmful chemicals. Not only that, but the pilots also have to fly low around power lines that are virtually invisible to the naked eye.


4. Lumberjacks

These workers use extremely bulky spinning saws and because people think that there is nothing to it, they are expected to finish their work within a few minutes. The pressure can prove to be too much for the poor guy and he can meet with an awful accident.


5. Steel and Iron Construction Workers

You didn’t think that the metal frames around buildings and bridges built themselves did you? These works have to be extremely careful when they are doing their job and not move around too much because if they do, they will fall and break open their skulls.


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  • JM

    Who wrote this list…a child?
    There are numerous jobs including police officer,soldier,taxicab driver,etc that are equally (if not more so) as dangerous as the above.
    Fail…try again.

  • David

    Pilot? You must be joking, how many pilots end up dying on their job? In 2009 there were 154 plane crashes (source and the pilot did not die in all of those crashes, most of them wernt even fatal to anyone.

    Besides pilots have it very easy, they can use the autopilot so it shouldnt even be called working it should be called “hours of boredom”.

  • Jake

    I work 2200 ft underground in an Alabama Coal Mine. I see more hazards in one shift than some of these guys do in a year. A pilot? Truckdriver? A freakin Farmer? Are you kidding? I work in the deepest vertical shaft Coal mine in North America. Roof falls, rib rolls, methane gas, chemicals, ect. Look into it.

  • howard

    your telling me that a wildland firefighter is not on this list? I am a wildland firefighter and know first hand that its dangerous

  • steven

    I work in mcdonalds, u can get 1st and second degree burns from the oil and the stove, people yell at you, you flip burgers all day, that sh*t is dangerous, those burns hurt, your all p*ssies winging about vertical mines, and bloody firefighter, you stand infront of that grill for 5 hours straight then come talk to me, mcdonalds worker, most dangerous job in the world, rest of you’s harden up and have respect for us going into a dangerous job every day.

  • Natalya Calverley

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