Top 10 Appalling Things That Michael Jackson Owned Or Bought

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We all know that Michael Jackson was going through financial problems which is why he organized an auction-the following include the ten most appalling items that he owned.

1. Ice-cream Girl

This painting showed an African American toddler holding a cone of dripping Vanilla ice-cream in her left hand while her other hand is smeared with the ice-cream as well. She’s holding out the cone to a blonde boy and two bunnies are licking off her right hand. It may look cute at first glance but there is something very disturbing about the image.


2. Michael and The Kids

This painting showed Michael Jackson surrounded by children. He’s holding a young boy’s hand and walking ahead while a little girl is grinning and a toddler is crying on the grass. It is a bizarre picture and makes one wonder what really went on in the pop star’s head.


3. Some More Children

This painting showed about seven children- both boys and girls and one younger than the other. The main focus of the painting is a young boy who is walking behind an older girl and lifting up her dress. The rest of the children are laughing and one toddler is doing a head stand.


4. Mona Lisa, ET and Michael

This bizarre painting showed Michael surrounded by five well-know celebrities including Mona Lisa, ET (the alien) and Einstein. They’re all wearing his signature aviator sunglasses and the sequined white glove. There is something amazingly humorous about the picture, but at least it’s not unsettling like the rest.


5. Creepy Little Girl

Michael Jackson also owned a wax figure of a girl who looked like she’d crawled out from the crypt. Her head was too big for her body, her face was smeared with dirt and her red hair was unkempt and untidy. Now why would anybody want to look at something like this on a daily basis?


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