Top 10 Famous People That Stutter

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Theoretically, stuttering is a disorder in which a person’s speech is affected by involuntary prolongation and repetitions of sounds, syllables, words and spontaneous pausing between sentences. It is a condition in which an individual’s speech flow is hindered, resulting in the person giving up on with the message he intended to say. But psychologically, stuttering is a disorder in the recipient’s mind that makes the person fire discouraging statements and comments on the person who is stuttering. The way with which a stutterer is looked up on in the society is truly miserable and any information the stutterer intends to convey breaks halfway. This makes him frustrated, give up on the life he lives and sometimes choose a path of solitariness. They often take up jobs and careers that involves less talking. But successful are only those who embrace themselves, work hard on their demerits and emerge victorious. And to be honest, there are several celebrities and people out there who have done just that. As a roundup, here’s a list of celebrities and personalities, who are stutterers.


1. Lewis Carroll:

Lewis Carroll

Originally named as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, we know Lewis Carroll as a popular writer alone. But other than that, the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland author’s passions include mathematics and photography as well. One of the most renowned writers of all time, Lewis Carroll suffered from this disorder like his siblings and took serious steps to overcome. On successful overcoming, Carroll then went on to speak and even sing in the public. Inspiring!


2. Winston Churchill:

Winston Churchill

United Kingdom’s one of the best known war leaders and Prime Minister was a historian, an efficient officer in the British Army, a writer, an artist as well. His confession on the disorder he had, and his efforts to completely overcome this condition were very much evident, as he went on from being a stutterer to one of the best orators ever. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature and was also the first person in the history of United Kingdom to be regarded as the honorary citizen of the United States of America.


3. King George VI:

King George VI

Yes, he is the ruler who has been depicted in the Academy Award winning film – The King’s Speech. The second son of King George V, who later on went on to become the King of the United Kingdom was also the last emperor to rule in India. He was an inspiring icon in his dynasty as he struggled, fought and overcame his speaking disorder and gave a speech over the radio.


4. Sir Isaac Newton:

Sir Isaac Newton

The scientist, whose research on the science of gravity is considered to be one of the most influential discoveries of the world, was a victim of this disorder. He was a physicist, a mathematician and is considered to be one of the world’s most remarkable scientists. And after Sir Francis Bacon, Newton was the second scientist to have been knighted. He was knighted on April 1705.


5. Elvis Presley:

Elvis Presley

Fondly known as the King of Rock, Elvis Presley is a cultural icon and a hall of famer. His first single Heartbreak Hotel that was released in the year 1956 brought him into the limelight and gave birth to a new genre of music which is now called Rock and Roll. He has been nominated 14 times at the Grammy’s, out of which he has won three. At the age of 36, he received Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement award. To the people, he is always the King who played a key role in revolutionizing music.


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