Top 10 Countries Affected by HIV

As of 2009, there are approximately 33 million people infected by the HIV virus and epidemic. Africa has the highest number given its high poverty rates, little access to health care and its under developing position in the world.

Top 10 Misconceptions About Nursing

Nurses are healthcare professional who are responsible for the treatment, safety, and recovery of ill patients. They work with doctors in rounds to make sure that all needs are met and that patients are taken care of.

Top 10 Misconceptions About Sushi

Sushi is the most misunderstood food item. Many friends will not go to a sushi restaurant because they do not like raw meat. Many people also complain that sushi and sashimi are cut too thin and too small. This article desires to answer some questions many people have when it comes to sushi; dispelling the myths.

Top 10 Heart Specialist In The World

Heart specialist also known as cardiologists are doctors who are specially trained in the functionality, conditions and organization of the human heart. It is important that not all cardiologists can be the best in all heart ailments. Each heart doctor has a specific area of specialty which they are well known for.

Top 10 Psychological Diseases

Psychological illness may vary from widely known irrational fears to post traumatic stress syndrome. Discussed herein are top ten psychological illnesses that affect millions of people globally in the present times.

Top 10 Food Borne Illnesses

According to the National Digestive Information Clearinghouse, 76 million people in the US are affected by Food Borne Illnesses. Out of the 70 million people affected, 5000 die from renal failures and food poisoning caused by the illnesses. If you feel excessive abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, you may have one of the following ten food borne illnesses.
Green tea

Top 10 Misconceptions About Green Tea

Peace is a time of calm and quiet and is free of commotion. Throughout history this term has synonymously been used with a time of no conflict or war. The soaring 20s was one decade in the 20th century which saw tranquility. During the 1920s, industries were booming, life was blossoming, and countries such as

Top 10 Common Myths About Autism

Imagine you are someone who simultaneously sees and hears the following things: (I) red light flashing in front of you (II) paper being scrunched in your ear (III) someone yelling at you in your...