Top 10 Countries With Mail Order Brides

But where really can the mentioned lonely men find the wanted mail order brides? Well, here are some of the countries worth considering if you are one of such lonely men and thus want to find someone to spend your earthly time with.

Top 10 Stereotypes About Countries

As it turns out, stereotypical thinking is actually an adaptation of the human brain that allows us to classify different aspects of the environment faster and easier.
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Top 10 Failed States (2012)

Last year we posted an article titled Top 10 Failed States (2011). The article highlighted Top 10 countries that were identified by Foreign Policy Magazine’s Fund for Peace index as failed states on the alert or worsening failed states. The list combined the two and examined countries that were in need of our attention.This year, we compare and contrast the list and see where there has been improvement. In many cases there were slight improvements. In others, things look bleak.

Top 10 Countries With Nuclear Power

The debate of whether nations should switch to nuclear is rather sensible. Nonetheless, several countries have already implemented and are currently dependant on energy derived from nuclear power.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2013

As the people in those countries live in constant fear and are highly concerned about their safety, travelers are strongly advised not to travel there for the time being. Let's review the most dangerous countries you definitely don't want to be visiting in 2012.

Top 10 Countries Unsafe For Christians

Christianity has changed and has somewhat grown throughout history. However, there are places which are not safe and restrict anyone to freely express their affirmation on what they believe to be true and right.

Top 10 Failed States (2011)

With Foreign Policy’s endorsement, the Fund for Peace prepares ranking of failed and failing states every year. The study examines at 12 indicators of instability, including demographic pressures. My list borrows information provided by Fund for Peace and uses research to assess current situations.