Top 10 Reasons Latin American Countries Are Still Underdeveloped

Almost 2 centuries have passed since Latin American countries gained their independence from Spain and Portugal. Oscar Arias in “Culture Matters: the Real Obstacles to Latin American Development” of Foreign Affairs 90.1 (July 2011) examines the real reasons why Latin American countries are not developed, despite starting off equal and even better off than us.

Top 10 Countries to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving

This list examines the first countries to have banned cell phone usage while driving. When using a hand-held cell phone, drivers remove one hand from the steering wheel to answer their phones. They also take their eyes off the road to pick up and/or search for the phone and to dial a number. This all happens while the driver is operating the vehicle and watching the roads.

Top 10 Lowest Fat Consuming Countries

Which countries are not having a balanced diet? Although food balance sheets show that there have been improvements, some countries are still at their lowest low. Many have struggled with famine, natural disasters, political inequality and social instability. These are some factors that led to the little consumption of fat.