Top 10 Scariest Food of the World

Will you eat with the same gusto you would have slurped the non-wormy treat? The answer may swing either way but I bet you can’t resist reading this article for some fascinating and creepy preparations.

Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in the World

There are few places in the world which have crossed many limits, note that this list is created by compiling the data from United Nations SPM Matter List. The list includes cities from different countries from different continents , here you continue with the list.
egypt army officers

Top 10 Powerful Groups that Dictate of the World

Most of the groups/corporations listed in this top 10 list have a very poor track record and tend to be infamous for their exploitation of government powers. These corporations/groups have multi-billion dollar annual profits, enabling them to get away with the worst of crimes - especially in the case of Mexico and Drug Cartel warlord.