Top 10 Strangest Foods You Should Try

Humans are known for their strange eating habits, as they are able to eat almost everything that is there in the food chain. Every day, we discover new food sources and love trying new things. But the question is: how could someone dine eating things that are creepy, strange and that look disgusting.

Top 10 Priceless Artworks That Were Unintentionally Destroyed

Imagine owning an amazing work of art, a precious watercolour by an old master or a contemporary masterpiece. Or just being near one. Then imagine, if you will, the awkward moment when you inadvertently ruin it. Could there be anything worse, as an art lover, than accidentally destroying a priceless painting. Well, these poor people have done just that; some more pitifully than others.

Top 10 Dirtiest Pooping Stories

I wrote this article with hopes that some people stop in their awful habits. It will make life so much easier, if we did not have these dirty pooping toilet stories to tell.

Top 10 Last Meals for Death Rows

One thing is for sure the final meals of condemned prisoners are enduring, if not morbid, and also a source of fascination. The average meal request does come at an estimate of 2756 calories, more than what a typical man has for the whole day.

Top 10 Funniest Vending Machines

This machine is very useful since some customers might need the snacks. Therefore, this machine is built to meet the customers' need. Nowadays, snacks are not only products which are offered. There are 10 vending machines which sells particular products.

Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Interviews

We all have had embarrassing moments in our lives. It’s fun to remember and laugh about these moments after. But if you were a celebrity and that embarrassing moment happened on national television? Would you be laughing then? Here are just 10 celebrities, who had some weird moments on nationally televised interviews.

Top 10 Most Outrageous Firings

Not all firings are fair. In fact many get fired for the wrong reasons that have nothing to do with their employment. After surveying 100 people, this is what they thought were the most outrageous reasons.

Top 10 Bizarre Reasons to Call in Sick

Many times when employees call in sick, they actually are not. There are other underlying reasons which prevent employees from going to work. This article examines just 10 reasons, using survey results compiled on the subject.