Top 10 Signs That You Are A Computerholic

Computers are addictive with the introduction of messenger, social media websites and other applications that get people roused up. People should be aware of signs and should stop while they still can.

Top 10 Advantages Of Smart Card

A smart card is your typical chip activated card, made of plastic. It contains embedded information through a memory or microprocessor chip. The idea was first introduced in Europe almost 3 decades ago. Now many people in different countries use smart cards for library, for government applications and even driver’s license.

Top Ten Tips To Prevent Hacking

Hacking has been a never ending threat to the online community, which has IT gurus as their master minds. These master minds are high-end intellects, in the field of computers and internet. These people have that extra time and the little devil sitting in their mind, which leads to all the trouble created by them.

Top Ten Software Companies

Application software enables the computer system to run and examples include Windows, Linux and Mac OS amongst others. Application software on the other hand enables PC users to be able to do their day to day activities on the computer, e.g. surfing, word processing, gaming and desktop publishing.

Top 10 Ways People Misuse LinkedIn

I was looking through some accounts on LinkedIn and found important information missing. This article tries to look at what people do not but should know when creating an account on the Social Network.