Top 10 Digital Forensics Techniques

Recovering data and investigating scams and hacking are serious and intricate jobs. Governments all over the world, multimillion dollar credit cards companies hired digital forensics experts to look into cybercrimes. Here are just 10 techniques many forensics use.

Top 10 Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technology for Learning (ATL) is a device that is used in learning environments to overcome barriers for students with physical, sensory, cognitive, speech, learning or behavioural exceptionalities to actively engage in learning and to achieve their individual learning goals.

Top 10 Mobile Software

One of the greatest innovations of the 20th century has to be the mobile phone or commonly referred to as the cell phone. Over the years, technological enhancement in the manufacture process has enabled manufacturers to convert the cell phone from being a mere tool of making and receiving calls to a more dynamic miniature computer.

Top 10 Internet Securities in the World

There is no doubt that internet technology has enabled individuals and businesses to achieve so much more with less. Activities such as video conferencing has made it possible for corporate organizations to save tens of thousands in travel expenses incurred by its globe trotting business executives to attend meetings and close business deals.

Top 10 Most Sold Microsoft Operating System

Microsoft has continued to grow in leaps and bounds since its incorporation. After the introduction of its Windows Operating System in the market, there has been no looking back. Since the release of Windows 95, there has been several versions released in the market all offering better features than their predecessors.

Top 10 Best iPhone Themes

Thanks to technological development in information and communication technology, manufacturers are increasingly coming up with cutting edge products. Consumer electronic products, especially handheld devices have been the main area of focus.

Top 10 Home Security Systems

The adage, “a man’s home is his castle” is not in vain. However, unlike the literal meaning that signifies draw bridges, thick stone walls, high walls and moats to ensure all unwanted visitors are not allowed in, it simply refers to the privacy of an individual which needs to be safeguarded at all cost.

Top 10 Best Selling Mobile Phones

Over the years mobile phones have become more of a device that one cannot do without. Gone are the days when mobile phones were basically items for making calls and receiving calls and sending and receiving short text messages. Presently, mobile have phones have the capability to access the web, listen to music, watch video, capture images and send and receive multimedia files.

Top 10 Tablet PC

Äæåê Ðè÷åð HD Consumer electronic and digital products have traversed a long way to reach what they are now. Electronic goods are really witnessing a rapid sea change with great modifications and...