Top 10 Reasons Why Sheila Copps Cannot Revive The Liberal Party

Sheila Copps is 1 of 4 candidates, running for the role of President of the Liberal Party. Many Liberals believe she is the hope of the party, who can spark interest, rebuild internal operations and entice new members. I think she would have the opposite effect for the following 10 reasons.

Top 10 Worst Prime Ministers Of Canada

A great Prime Minister is a leader and not a follower. He/She makes decisions which the citizens and demo follow. They are also open to the public and make every effort to improve Quality of Life. The following 10 Prime Ministers of Canada have done the exact opposite.

Top 10 Canadian Born Celebrities

Many Canadians have expatriated to the United States and Europe. Many are not aware of their inspirations and early life stories. Here are top 10 Canadian Born Celebrities, Canadians are proud to claim as theirs.

Top 10 21st Century Political Science Scholars in Canada

Canadians have contributed to the scholarly world, many 21st exemplary political scientists. Many scholars on this top 10 list have revolutionized literature paving way for greater debates. Many of them are visiting scholars in universities around the world and are recognized as the best in the fields.