Top 10 Disturbing Primetime TV Shows

Some Prime-time TV shows are excruciatingly disturbing in their story-lines. I sometimes wonder how they manage to stay on air season after season. TV shows are supposed to censor the gruesome activity and make it as Pg-13 as possible. Here is a list of 10 prime-time TV shows which are quite disturbing to watch.

Top 10 Horrifying Statements Made By Prince Phillip

Queen Elizabeth II is not a very popular monarch. Many Commonwealth nations are currently rethinking her role as ‘head of state’. Her husband is not of any help. He runs his mouth numerous times, making the Queen look worse. Here are just 10 comments he made which sparked controversy.

Top 10 Best Recommendations In Drummond Report Of 2012

The Ontario McGuinty government needs to start implementing some of recommendations in the Drummond Report released in February of 2012. It is necessary, if we want to eliminate a projected $30.2 billion deficit by 2017, warns economist Don Drummond.

Top 10 Horrific Elevator Tragedies

We utilize the elevator 19 billion times a year. Elevators, are one of, if not the, safest means of human transportation. When you stop to think about it, how many times have you taken an elevator? Probably thousands of times and if you work or live in a high rise building, probably millions of times.

Top 10 Worst Places To Breakup

Breakups are never easy. People should choose the right moments. These occurrences should not be public and should be done in private between the two parties. Here is a list of 10 places you should not break up with someone.

Top 10 Teenagers that Murdered Their Parents

Nothing is more shocking than a child killing a parent or even a step parent. There are no stereotypes to fit a teenage murderer. Many of the teenagers look innocent and you would never think they were responsible for the most horrid events.