Top 10 Dangers Of Using Smartphones

There is also a flip side to the smart phones, we carry and use, without giving a thought to the dangers it might pose. Following are the top ten dangers. I call them “dangers” coz they can be avoided if you use your smartphones a little smartly!

Top 10 Things That Can Bring Back Your Energy

To excel in our designated areas it is mandatory for us to concentrate wholly. And to achieve the above parameters we need to be indefatigable always and keep the words lethargy, tiredness and fatigue away from our body.

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Anorexia

Anorexia nervosa can cause severe medical problems and even lead to death. If you have Anorexia, you may believe that being thin is the key to being happy, or that if you can control what you eat, you’ll be able to control your life.

Top 10 Remedies for Food Poisoning

The food poisoning bacteria can multiply very quickly if proper care is not taken in processing food, transportation, storage, preparation and serving of food. Here are the top 10 remedies for food poisoning.

Top 10 Foods To Prevent Cancer

Though the best recommended diet is a balanced nutritious diet, but after putting in a lot of research the scientists have come up with some food items that fight cancer. Here are 10 such foods that would keep cancer at bay: